Current Opportunities

Job Title Location Open Date Position ID
Solar Superintendent Tennessee, United States 06.23.2017 409
Chief Operating Officer Oregon, United States 06.19.2017 406
Mechanical Superintendent California, United States 06.16.2017 407
Sr. Field Service Engineer Arizona, United States;California, United States 06.16.2017 405
Sr. Solar Design Engineer Dallas, Texas, United States;Madison, Wisconsin, United States;Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States;Phoenix, Arizona, United States 06.14.2017 404
Director of Product Marketing San Francisco, California, United States 06.06.2017 403
Utility-Scale Project Manager Georgia, United States;North Carolina, United States;Tennessee, United States 06.02.2017 402
Sales Engineer San Francisco, California, United States 05.30.2017 393
Community Solar Customer Engagement Manager California, United States;Colorado, United States;Maryland, United States 05.26.2017 401
Regional Sales Manager California, United States 05.24.2017 400
Sales Manager - Commercial Solar Projects New York, New York, United States;San Francisco, California, United States 05.12.2017 397
O&M Sales Manager San Francisco, California, United States 05.12.2017 399
Regional Sales Manager - Solar Monitorinng Atlanta, Georgia, United States;Boston, Massachusetts, United States;New York, New York, United States;North Carolina, United States 05.08.2017 388
Executive VP of Finance - Solar Developer/IPP San Francisco, California, United States 05.08.2017 387
Regional Sales Manager -Solar Inverters Atlanta, Georgia, United States;Charleston, South Carolina, United States;Charlotte, North Carolina, United States;Orlando, Florida, United States 04.28.2017 396
Sales Manager - Solar Distributor Denver, Colorado, United States;Phoenix, Arizona, United States;Salt Lake City, Utah, United States 04.19.2017 395
Sales Manager - Solar Distributor Los Angeles, California, United States 04.19.2017 394
Project Estimator Denver, Colorado, United States;San Francisco, California, United States 04.05.2017 391
Executive Recruiter - Renewable Energy Sacramento, California, United States 05.15.2017 N/A