Author: Jon Semingson

Navigating Counteroffers

With record low unemployment and one of the tightest labor markets in years, we are seeing a significant increase in counteroffers. In many cases companies are throwing 20-50% salary increases at individuals to get them to stick around. For a moment let’s not talk about the inherent issue with organizations only acknowledging your true value […]

How to Confidently Conduct Your Next Candidate Interview

When it comes to interviewing, there is often the assumption that hiring managers know how to interview candidates in a meaningful way that provides clarity around applicants’ expertise and overall fit with open roles. However, depending on their experience interviewing, managers can be just as nervous as candidates. After all, hiring managers are human too. […]

How to Craft a Strong Change Narrative for Your Company

When your company is undergoing major change, it can be a tough transition for everyone, especially your organization’s employees. After all, they may be wondering how the company’s transformations will affect them, their roles, responsibilities, co-workers, leadership and other aspects of their lives in the coming months. To help dispel any rumors and to ensure […]

How to Get a High-Paying Renewable Energy Job

Who doesn’t want to earn a six-figure income, or more? While some people reach that compensation level through the expensive schooling and training needed for a position in law or medicine, another route is renewable energy jobs. As the market for solar, wind, and other renewable technologies grows, businesses in this sector have expanded again […]