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The Money Question

There comes a time in every interview process when the person you’re interviewing with—either the hiring manager or HR person—will ask you about money. How you handle this question can be the difference between being offered the job or not. If you throw out a number that is too high, you...
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3 Things to Keep Off LinkedIn

Social Media is a great platform for expressing yourself and showcasing your individuality. However, when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, you want to be a little more strategic with what you choose to share. In this new age of digital recruiting, most hiring managers (and almost all recruiters) are utilizing...
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Less Fluff, More Content

We see a lot of resumes in our line of work. A lot. What’s shocking is the number of candidates that prioritize the font, style, or headline of their resume over the actual content. Although it’s nice to make your resume look great, the content is still by far the most important piece...
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