Interviewing Tips

Interviewers have one intention: to decide whether or not to invest more time and move forward into the next step in the process. So, how do you make an impression and sell yourself to the interviewer? Below we provide you with all the tips and tricks you’ll need in the interviewing process!

Interview Preparation

How should I prepare?

Here is a simple checklist to go through prior to your interview:

  • Ask yourself self-assessment questions
  • Research the company you are interviewing for
  • Familiarize yourself with the companies products and services
  • Make sure to bring references and your resume
  • Most importantly: Arrive on time!

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Interview Tips


A first impression can have a great impact on your interview.  Whether you are on time, prepared and even what you wear all play a part in your first impression. 


  • Wear blue, grey, black, white or red to your interview
  • Examine your strengths
    • Everybody has a talent, something that may not necessarily come naturally, but can be executed or performed with considerable ease
  • Seek to serve
    • Tell the interviewer how you can be of service to them and their needs
  • Be uniquely you
    • Find your own way of doing things and utilizing your inherent uniqueness to attract the jobs that you desire
  • Stay poised and relaxed
    • Interviews are designed to see how you react under pressure
  • Ask questions
    • Don’t dominate the conversation, but do ask follow up questions to make the interview feel more like a dialogue
  • Bring up past successes
    • Show how your past successes will bring value to your next employer
  • Sit up straight, lean slightly forward and look your interviewer in the eye
    • Confident body language is incredibly important

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Interview Tips


Everyone has common sense, but not everyone practices it consistently. Even if you have the perfect background and a spotless resume, a few landmines can quickly derail the process.


  • Wear brown, orange, yellow or purple
  • Dress too casually
  • Be passive
  • Ramble
  • Lie about past employment or skills that you do not have
  • Slouch or cross your arms
  • Drink too much (if interview is off-site)
  • Say inappropriate things
  • Thing’s not to say:
    • Sorry I’m late
    • I don’t know
    • How much will I get paid?
    • I couldn’t stand my last boss
    • So, what does your company do?
    • Any curse words
    • How can I get your job?
    • No, I don’t have any questions

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Interview Questions

Practice answering these 6 common types of questions prior to your interview to really impress the interviewer! You can find the full blog post here: Interview Questions You Should Already Know The Answers To

  • Oral Communication
    • Purpose of questions: To determine your ability to clearly present information orally and/or influence others
  • Organization and Planning
    • Purpose of questions: To determine your ability to define specific goals and objectives and develop action plans which lead to goal attainment.
  • Problem Solving
    • Purpose of questions: To determine if you are able to take action in solving problems. Can you identify important dimensions of a problem, determine causes, obtain relevant information, and specify alternate solutions?
  • Leadership
    • Purpose of questions: To determine if you are able to influence the actions and opinions of others in a desired direction.
  • Creativity
    • Objective of questions: To determine if you are able to develop unique and novel solutions to problems?
  • Tolerance of Ambiguity
    • Objective of questions: To determine if you are able to deal with unresolved situations.

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