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Why use them?

Believe it or not, partnering with a recruiter to assist in your job search is a very crucial career decision. Competent recruiters are capable of introducing you to job opportunities you did not know about, providing key job market insight, negotiating higher compensation packages, and providing critical resume and job-search advice. Working with a recruiter can be a game changer when looking for your next career move, so, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today!

The Recruiter/Employee Dynamic

Recruiters Have The Best Job Opportunities

Employers continue to entrust experienced recruiters to support key hiring decisions. Why, you ask? Check out our blog post for the full story!

  1. Some recruiters are able to truly understand the employer’s needs
  2. Some recruiters have a strong professional network capable of producing qualified candidates on demand

The Recruiter/Candidate Dynamic

Recruiters Get The Best Candidates

Finding the best job candidates for an employer takes hard work, even when it looks like it doesn’t. Check out our blog post for the full story!

Recruiters vs. Employment Websites

  • Recruiters have a short term goal: Always match great individuals with new job opportunities at amazing companies
  • Recruiters also have a long term goal: Strengthen their network of individuals with skills and experiences that are in demand with employers
  • Employment websites only support the long term goal 
  • Employment websites provide users with a powerful communication channel, but recruiters take the time to learn about the role, then take more time to learn about the candidate

Qualified Job Candidates or Job Fit Candidates?

Thinking About Job Fit

Many companies begin the hiring process looking for qualified job candidates when they should really be searching for job fit candidates. However, there are big differences between the two. Check out our blog post for the full story!

Qualified Job Candidates vs. Job Fit Candidates

  • Qualified candidates meet or exceed a position’s required skills and experience
  • Job fit candidates are qualified but they also match up with a company’s culture and they suit the role that awaits them
  • Early in the recruiting process, it’s best to filter out candidates who are qualified but do not represent a good fit with the employer
  • Recruiters can identify job fit candidates by understanding a company’s culture and the role that it’s looking to fill

Your Cost Of A Bad Hire Is Still Too High

We are here to tell you why!

Have you added up the cost of a bad hire at your company? Chances are, it is higher than you think. Mis-hires are silent killers within most organizations, but there are several ways to build up your immunities. Check out our downloadable PDF on mis-hires, as well as our full blog post!

  1. Know what makes your company culture unique
  2. Job titles and descriptions don’t always spell out the keys to a new hire’s success
  3. Pay attention to the ideal roles that your job candidates are seeking
  4. Make sure your top candidate is truly a great fit for the role before making an offer

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