Renewable Energy Jobs

Solar & Energy Storage

The solar industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation and energy storage systems are constantly being added to the electricity grid. This industry offers a tremendous amount of opportunities for workers from all backgrounds. Read on to learn more about the hottest solar and energy storage jobs!

These Solar Jobs Are In Peak Demand 

Based on the work we have done recruiting across the country for solar companies and our understanding about where the market is heading, these are the positions we expect to be in demand for the foreseeable future. Check out our blog post for the full story!

  1. Sales
    1. Sales/Applications engineers bring technical sales and design expertise to support the sale of technical products
    2. Residential salespeople find and close residential solar deals
    3. Outside sales/Regional sales managers generally work for companies that produce batteries, PV modules, inverters, racking, software solutions, and other products
  2. Project Development
    1. This includes anyone responsible for originating (selling) and developing (managing the overall development/sales process) for commercial or utility-scale renewable energy projects
    2. For distributed generation, this looks a lot like traditional outside sales
    3. For community solar or utility-scale development, the process is a little more complicated – there are more moving parts in land acquisition, off-take/PPA negotiations, permitting and interconnection.
  3. Project Management
    1. Site managers or superintendents lead, build, and manage construction
    2. Project managers handle procurement, planning, budgeting, logistics, scheduling, communication, and project delivery
  4. Engineering
    1. Electrical engineers may work on solar system installations or product design, development and manufacturing
    2. System design engineers combine knowledge of building, electrical, energy, and fire code standards to design and oversee system installation
  5. Product Development
    1. Product development engineers develop new designs, materials and processes informed by their evaluations of product performance and market needs
    2. Product management directors oversee the planning and development of new product lines using market and competitive analysis

These Energy Storage Jobs Are In Peak Demand 

Many signs point to rapid growth in the energy storage market in the years ahead. In the US and around the world, solar projects and wind farms are producing more energy now than ever before. There are no signs of a slow down ahead. Check out our full blog post here!

  1. Sales
    1. Sales engineers identify customers, applications, and markets that are an attractive fit for the company’s products and services
    2. Business development managers originate and manage business relationships, develop deal pipelines and close new deals
  2. Engineering
    1. Project engineers oversee and coordinate the design, testing, certification and manufacturing of storage components and systems
    2. Mechanical engineers design, model and develop energy storage systems ranging from flywheels to hydropower storage ponds to batteries
  3. Project Management
    1. Project managers lead energy systems design, planning, development, and installation
  4. Information Technology
    1. Software engineers build, test, support and refine new products and services to manage, monitor and track energy resources and performance
    2. Software architects lead project development and design the structure, functionality and behaviors of software systems that run energy storage systems and enable them to report performance and interact with other systems

Obtaining A Renewables Job 

We all want a high-paying job, right? Some people reach the high compensation level through the expensive schooling and training needed for a position in law or medicine, but another route is renewable energy jobs. Some key principles are important to keep in mind for those who aspire to higher-level and higher-paying renewable energy jobs. Here is a downloadable PDF on mastering the five stages of the interview process.

Here are steps that can help you reach your career goals in the industry. Make sure to check out the full blog post on getting a high-paying renewables job!

  • Build a base of industry experience
  • Network with professional organizations
  • Try something entrepreneurial
  • Learn from the best

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